Fautores Family Offices…
from individuals to generations™

We specialize in counseling family owned, and owner managed businesses that commit to maintaining their family and business culture for future generations.

We know what it takes to not only protect everything you have worked hard to build, but we also know how to rebuild it when it breaks.

Professional succession planning is what we do. We counsel at the highest Fiduciary practice level acting only on behalf of our business clients’ best interests.

We professionally administer

  • Wealth Management Strategies and Trust Services
  • Organizational Assessments
  • Marital and substance abuse counseling among the stakeholders
  • HR, Tax, Legal and Qualified Plan compliance

Succession planning counseling is offered as a fee-for-service business only.

Fautores does not sell financial products or manage investment portfolios.

We work well with your present advisors
Please email me for a copy of our process and procedures guide at [email protected]
or call me directly at 407-492-5016

We encourage you to contact us if you have any of the following concerns:

  • You are not satisfied where you are as a business, thinking of closing the door or selling
  • Thoughts or fears of the founder and or you passing on or burning out
  • Grooming the next generation into responsible management
  • Where the company is going to be three to five years from now
  • Your time is suffering along with family relationships
  • Your firm’s sales plateau while facing severe competition and reduced profitability
  • You secretly fear that your successors will out-perform you
  • The impact on your business if you lose your top two or three customers
  • Your business seems to be doing well yet you are struggling
  • You are not attaining the wealth you expected

We are professional and well respected senior-level counselors.

Our wisdom comes from many years of hands-on experience and personal business ownership.

Some of the life transitioning events we have counseled with successful outcomes are as follows:

  • The sudden passing of business owners
  • Marital discord and substance addiction among the stakeholders
  • Poorly executed strategic planning
  • Successors suffering from entitlement and causing top employee turn-over
  • Most of the family wealth is tied up in the business
  • Alignment of the company and personal investments
  • Attaining substantive business referrals from long-term relationships

*Your privacy is paramount to our success!