Celebrate Your Family

“The world basically and fundamentally is constituted on the basis of harmony. Everything works in cooperation with something else.”

—Preston Bradley, Minister & Author—

It’s All About Cooperation!

A formal system of family governance is critical to support an open line of communication. Successful wealth management is dependent upon this, too. Without such a formal family governance strategy, there are the dangers of unreasonable expectations, a lack of accountability, and no clear path to create a healthy foundation on which good communication and cooperation is based.

Fautores Family Offices will work with you and your family to establish a plan, which will outline the processes of making decisions, managing family member expectations, controlling family member employment behavior, defining future goals, and creating family meeting agendas. The benefits are far less family strife, less ‘shoot from the hip’ opinions, and full accountability for behavior. Fautores Family Offices uses several tools to form your family governance plan and to help you celebrate your family in a responsible and creative way.