Protect Your Assets

“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

—Alan Lakein, Author—

Or CYA While You Can!

The Fautores 5 Step Alignment Process analyzes your entire financial picture and coordinates that analysis by outlining strategies customized to your situation. This is particularly important to FOMB organizations because family business ownership and personal affairs often overlap.

Fautores Family Offices will work with you to create and implement our 5 Step Alignment Process that can include input from your trusted advisors, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your affairs are integrated and synchronized. We will review your financial plan and family business succession plan after every major life event, and if changes are needed, our senior associates will help ensure your plan remains aligned with your goals. We carefully analyze your present investments and design an Investment Policy Statement that will establish the rules of managing your wealth. Our 5 Step Alignment Process will best serve you as a guideline to protect your assets and maintain financial success.

One of those assets is permanent life insurance. Often, permanent life insurance is one of the largest assets owned and it is not uncommon to discover excess cash hidden in a policy that can be utilized more productively. The quality of the policy may also be sub-par, the policy can lack efficiency in relation to its peers, the policy may no longer be effective, and its beneficiaries and owners may no longer be aligned. Fautores Family Offices, through a third party independent resource, can disclose the hidden costs and opportunities that may exist for your benefit.

Property and casualty policies are another area that requires constant measuring and monitoring. Rates can increase at an unacceptable level and coverage can change unexpectedly. The devil is in the details. Fautores Family Offices' experts will work with your agent and analyze your coverage to help ensure that you are not exposed to unexpected liabilities.

Especially unique to Fautores Family Offices is our Personal Property Vendor Management service. If you have ever dealt with vendors in the trades, then you know how complicated a project can be. From deciding pricing and scope to determining your personal liability if a worker is hurt on your property, the process can be overwhelming. Fautores Family Offices has substantial experience in evaluating vendors to ensure they are properly insured, experienced, priced fairly, are licensed, and come highly referenced.

Construction can be complicated, and it is particularly complex when you have property damage caused by fire, flood, or other disasters. This type of restoration requires special technical expertise, policy coverage analysis, and compliance with insurance company pricing and standards. Fautores Family Offices is very experienced with all of these processes, with our experts specializing in high-net-worth and historic property damages, successfully settling more than 1,000 property claims.