Dear Mike,

It is hard to believe it's been 40 years since you began advising me regarding estate planning and financial options. During my time as President of Avis Leasing Corporation I realized my business career limited the time necessary to concentrate on my own affairs.

Meeting and involving you to provide the needed support has been invaluable. The sound advice, honest assessments and straightforward talk you have provided over the years has proven to be on target.

Now, at 75 years old and retired for the past 24 years, I am and have been debt free enjoying financial security. Many thanks!!

Thanking you for your thoughtful and straightforward advice is not only a pleasure but well deserved. It is sad that today's fast paced world no longer values the interpersonal approach you employ interacting with your clients.

I have always welcomed your professionalism, availability, and honest personal concern not only for me but for my family.

You are an anomaly in a world that unfortunately no longer values relationship or loyalty.

Best wishes and again...Thanks!!

Sal Alfano, Retired President Avis Leasing USA

Michael is an excellent problem solver with a creative vision that provides solutions to problems. Michael helped

PHresh Kitchen and later, FRESH & fit! To GO, as COO and did a fantastic job with vision, execution, bring value to

our business model, and would enrich any entity he is affiliated with. He is a true professional, detailed and research-

oriented, and a pleasure to deal with always lending a valued opinion or creative approach to the organization. It was a

sincere pleasure working with Michael while at PHresh Kitchen and FRESH & fit! To Go, and I would highly

recommend him for any task, any endeavor, any organization, or any company!

Tim Murphy, CEO, Boomers Parks

January 16, 2018

Mr. Michael L. Chindamo

Fautores Family Offices

Dear Michael,

It has truly been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you as part of the Fautores Family Offices resource team. As you may know, my late father, Ben Krieger, was a true family office professional, providing guidance for over half a century to a select group of families who had invested in the several Krieger-Built ventures. Your dedication to your clients reflects the same high ethics and deep, genuine concern for the well-being of all family members that I saw in my father's relationships with his family clients.

Very few family office advisors provide the enlightened perspective that you bring to this responsibility. By seeking out intelligent, caring resources, continually updating your own knowledge and skills, and by asking families the really tough questions that must be addressed for their own future well-being, you bring your very best to support each family's generational succession needs. Clearly you recognize that family businesses accumulate not just wealth, but also a unique culture that needs to be respected, nurtured and refined for the benefit of each successive generation.

Sadly, I've seen individuals and groups who advertised themselves as Family Office Advisors but who were nothing more than financial product salespeople in disguise. And sadder yet, I've seen one of these self-proclaimed advisors wipe out much of a family's hard earned wealth after a “corporate insider” suggested the family move their family office away from a respecter advisor with whom they had worked for years and who had introduced us to handle the many psychological issues that had arisen among family members and the family business itself. That family and their wealth were devastated by the mismanagement of their financial assets and the resulting shattering of the family itself.

Michael, I very much look forward to supporting your continuing efforts to preserve family businesses and protect their family members through successive generational changes. In today's economy, family-owned businesses are the primary job creators, and most family business owners take this critical role that they play in their communities very seriously. So the family's choice to work with Fautores Family Offices benefits not just successive generations of family members, but also the communities which their businesses support.

Most sincerely,

Leslie H. Krieger, Ph.D., SPHR, Florida Licensed Psychologist
Les Krieger, Ph.D. is also President of Assessment Technologies Group

There are people that you have the Honor of crossing the path of. Unusually gifted and well rounded, that in spite of their level of success in the past feel like a friend from one's childhood.

When I met Michael Chindamo, I felt like I must have known him in my future or childhood!

There are not many men or women that I would entirely trust my Life, Wife, and Money.

Michael has walked with Kings much of his life and shown through his ability to serve, learn and grow. He focuses on the relationship....not the transaction, and that is something I saw I had in common with his day one.

Honored to be able to share Michael with people as I have tried to do for the past 14 years

Donald L Ward
State Director of CEOCLUBS Florida.

It is my distinct pleasure to make this recommendation of Mike Chindamo and the services he provides through Fautores Family Offices. I have known Mike very well for decades, and have had the opportunity to watch him develop the range and depth of his financial planning services. Fortunately, I have also been able to benefit directly from the professional expertise and wisdom he has worked hard to develop.

Mike has always been readily available to respond to questions and concerns when they arose, and in doing so, he has always been mindful of making sure his views and input were clear and understandable. He has never been the type of advisor just to say “Do this and then do that” without explanation. He values relationship in his consultation practice, and thus places a premium on communicating with his clients to ensure they see the strategy and logic in his advice. And although he values the process of consulting with clients, his focus is always on the financial and organizational outcomes that will benefit and support his family clients and their businesses.

Mike's input was instrumental in my decision to make a major life/career transition when I was 64. Changes in the health care industry had impacted my business, and I found myself struggling as I considered transition to a different career path. Consultation with Mike throughout several months was of vital importance to my decision, and I continue to be grateful for his input to this day. His perspective and advice were thoughtful, supportive, comprehensive and data-based. As a result, I've significantly improved my financial well-being and that of my family. In the realm of home and property ownership and rental, Mike has always helped me connect the dots in a sensible way, while he also identifies a few dots I hadn't considered! Over time he showed me the value of thoughtful, strategic and conservative decision making and investing, and this too has contributed directly to my long-term security.

Mike has a key bias. It is that when families have worked hard to develop and own a business, they should be able to avoid critical pitfalls while they secure the business culture and financial well-being of the family for generations to come. He has no cookbook, but he knows what works. It's just that the range and depth of his knowledge and experience are sufficient for him to adequately address complex situations with an understanding that comes only with time. Mike has learned to identify and then ask the hard questions. He also knows how to distill complex situational elements into their most vital components and thereby help his clients see them with greater clarity. Mike cares about his clients.

Mike is a man with considerable expertise who holds a strong commitment to the financial success of families and their businesses. I am pleased to recommend him as a Certified Financial Planner and Family Business Consultant.

Paul M. Brala, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist licensed in NJ and FL

Stephen Atamanchuk, HR, Certified Succession Planner

having worked with and known Michael for more than 30 years, I have had the utmost respect for his ability and knowledge in his field. He has been not only an ethical individual but also a genuine and authentic communicator. His recommendations and concern for his client are, without a doubt, tops in the business. I would recommend Mike to anyone of my friends or family members or colleagues.

Steve Atamanchuk.