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Why Care about Independent, Locally Owned Businesses?

Locally owned businesses play a central role in healthy communities, and are among the best engines that cities and towns have for advancing economic opportunity and building resilient places.
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Property and Casualty Risks for an Affluent Client

At the end of 1990, I sold my interest in a specialized multi-family office financial organization that I founded with a partner. Although still maintaining a small financial clientele, I chose to take a hiatus and diversify most my attention to another business.During the years 1991 through 1997, I owned a Paul Davis Systems Property Restoration Franchise. Paul Davis Restoration specialized in the settlement of property claims for the insurance industry
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16 Points That Address The Importance of Professionalism

So You Want to be a Star...Sixteen Important Points That Address the Importance of Professionalismvs. the Desire to Attain StardomAs we all know, today’s society places an emphasis on “stardom,” material things, and extreme short-term successes at any price. Is the lack of morals and family values worth it in the end? Our children are often subjected to celebrity worship. But most often, those who are instant celebri
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5 Best Attributes of Successful Family Owned Businesses

5/18/2015The 5 best attributes of successful family owned and owner managed businesses. Throughout my career I have had the privilege of advising some very successful family owned and owner managed businesses. We will address them as FOMB for the article. As we all know many FOMB’s rarely succeed after the second generation. Some of the reasons might be that family members are not motivated; there could be a sense of entitlement by family employees; skill sets are not professiona
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Traditional FOMB Succession Planning Components, Dimensions, and 10 Interdepende

 Michael L. ChindamoThe succession planning process for family owned and owner- managed business (FOMB’s) requires four components and two related dimensions and then ten interdependent factors. Guidelines to traditional succession planning concepts adapted from The Horwath International Guide to Total Planning in the Family Owned and Owner Managed Business by James N. Bieneman, CPA and the International Succession Planning Association by Lloyd Rawls and Michael L. Chindamo, Foun
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9 Symptoms Defining Why You May Go Out of Business..or why your business is work

The following symptoms indicate your family business may be in need of professional succession planning. Why? All of these symptoms mentioned below can place an incredible emotional and financial burden on your business. Experiencing any of these symptoms can make your business worth less than you think.If you have founded a family enterprise, and committed to retaining your family and business culture for future generations, you need to be aware of nine warning signs and five essential resoluti
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