Family Office Services

Families of significant wealth have many complex needs and opportunities. High prospective income, estate tax liabilities, multiple residences, and business interests require special planning. Unique lifestyle needs demand special customization of services. Typically, there is a need for multi-generational family governance and wealth strategies. Cash flow requirements add a layer of complexity to asset allocation and tax strategies. Complicated ownership structures require close coordination of your team of advisors, as well as accurate measurement, assessment, and monitoring. Strategic philanthropy often impacts planning and investment strategies, too.

Family office services we offer:

  • Personal property vendor management and oversight including construction, maintenance and   contract negotiation
  • Property restoration oversight after insurable disasters. This includes the process of settlement with  your insurer and contractor.
  • Tax planning
  • Private banking and lending for personal and business coordination
  • Fautores 5 Step Alignment Process
  • Family Business Counsel with Human Resources advisory
  • Family Therapist Counsel
  • Industrial Organizational Ph.D. family business assessment and succession planning
  • Legal coordination
  • Elder-care and incapacity coordination
  • Pet Trusts
  • Client Personal Vault
  • Medical Advocacy
  • Risk Control Strategies
  • Lifestyle Advisory

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