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“Our independence and commitment to serve as our clients’ financial advocate, as well as our unique infrastructure, enable us to construct non-conflicted portfolios. After careful research, only the best management teams that meet our value-based criteria, whether they are active or passive, are selected as part of our portfolios.”

—R. Toelke, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Portfolios, Fiduciary Services, and Trust Services—

The Fautores Family Offices approach to Wealth Management centers around a simple concept—preserving our clients’ purchasing power.

Purchasing Power is the number of goods or services that can be purchased with a unit of currency. Inflation has the effect of reducing the purchasing power of your dollars over time. In other words, the same goods cost more today than they did 20 years ago. Similarly, inflation can reduce the purchasing power of your investment dollars when you need them most.

This means you have to work longer, and it costs more to buy the essentials. In order to offset these inflationary pressures, you should seek investments whose growth increases your purchasing power and allows you and your heirs to consume more goods and services. That increase in purchasing power is your real return.

Our Wealth Management strategy is designed to counteract the effects of inflation, allowing our clients to maintain their preferred standard of living without falling victim to the erosion of their purchasing power.

For an illustration of this concept, read this anecdote from Michael Chindamo, Founding Partner and Managing Director of Family Office Services, Family Business Succession Planning, and Fiduciary Services.

Read: An Accountant’s Story – How To Increase Your Purchasing Power & Value Simultaneously.


The true story about Uncle Morris exemplifies the principles of buying high-quality goods and services at discounted rates. Our approach to Wealth Management embodies these same principles because we employ the concept of Value Investing.

Value Investing is a way to buy investments that are undervalued at the time of their purchase. Sometimes the market does not reflect the true value of these investments, and they trade at a discount. Value investors believe the market will realize the true value of these investments in the future, and the prices will then adjust upward accordingly.

We target investments that are similar to some big-box wholesale stores—limited product lines of the highest-quality items that are available to the consumer for wholesale prices. Unlike your big-box retail stores, which can have bloated product lines of low-quality products for bargain prices, our targeted investments offer the best value to our clients at often-undervalued prices. We understand that preserving purchasing power with a value proposition, like Uncle Morris did with his farmer friends, can result in good returns for shareholders.


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