Our Firm

Helping privately held companies, their shareholders, and wealthy families realize their goals calls for a vision that challenges the conventional business and financial planning status quo. Defining that vision became a task that Michael Chindamo initiated in 1978 and evolved by 1986 into a multi-family office that represented professional athletes, privately owned businesses, widows and widowers, and individuals who needed a trusted financial advisor.

Today, Fautores Family Offices expands on that original approach with an even more wide-ranging and non-traditional strategy. Fautores Family Offices draws together a senior team of business, financial, and behavioral counseling professionals who answer the needs of our clients in this challenging and unstable economic climate. Our associates provide expertise in wealth management, financial planning, family business succession, trust services, fiduciary services, taxation and entity planning, estate planning, human resources, Industrial/Organizational psychology, risk evaluation and measurement, employee benefits, employee and corporate efficiency consulting, family therapy, marriage counseling, and mental health counseling.

We use all of these disciplines, and more, to provide unparalleled service to our clients, because we know that their needs do not stop with their bank accounts. No matter what our clients may face, be it financial, familial, or personal, we are prepared and equipped to handle it quickly and professionally. We work only for you, representing your best interests and serving as your advocates, so you can benefit by saving time and attaining a sustainable competitive advantage through your life’s journey.