The Fautores Motto

We at Fautores Family Offices are known for offering “Street Savvy Advice.” Our professional team members are required to fulfill extensive continuing education each year that addresses life transitions.

As senior advisors having dealt personally with many of life’s transitions, we speak from first-hand experience and emphasize the following:

SENSITIVITY – We’ve been there. We realize the difference of “standard pat answers” and “digging for the real answers” in order to solve a problem. We know how difficult it may be to maintain the endurance and composure required to resolve a crisis.

PRIVACY – Confidentiality rules the roost.

EMPATHY – From our own personal experience and our involvement with our clients’ situations, we know the impact that life transition events can have on a family.

TRUST – We operate with complete transparency and disclosure.

CUSTOMIZATION – You deserve advice tailored to your circumstances. Although the Fautores Family Offices team may have dealt with similar situations, the problem or crisis is entirely unique to each and every one of our clients. We treat each situation as such.

INSPIRATION – That’s what we offer our clients. We let them know there is a tomorrow and “this too shall pass.”

ENCOURAGEMENT – We know that no matter how old you are, what your financial circumstances may be, or what other personal issues you may face, you probably have a dream you may have given up on. We believe that life is a journey. We offer our services and experience to help encourage you to “go for it.”

EMPOWERMENT – We offer you the tools to develop confidence in your own capabilities so you can make educated decisions about your personal circumstances.