Why Choose Us?

If the words simplicity, benevolence, transparency, and trustworthiness are important to you, then we encourage you to consider Fautores Family Offices. We offer our services to anyone who is looking for unbiased advice and wants to delegate their financial responsibilities to a trusted team of professionals.

Fautores Family Offices is composed of our founding partners and our associates—a group of diverse senior level professionals formed through long-lasting strategic relationships. Together, the Fautores Family Offices team provides expertise in wealth management, financial planning, business succession planning, trust services, fiduciary compliance, taxation and entity planning, estate planning, human resources, Industrial/Organizational assessments, risk evaluation and measurement, employee benefits, employee and corporate efficiency consulting, family therapy, marriage counseling, and mental health counseling.

The Fautores Family Offices team is cross-trained in each discipline. Some of our associates have earned national recognition for their experience, and all of our partners and associates are well- noted in their professions—so much so that it is common for other professionals in our own fields to seek our advice.

We put a premium on speaking well, publishing, and most importantly, representing very complicated information in an easy-to-understand format. All of these efforts give our clients a better opportunity for a positive outcome. Most of all, our goal is to have our clients always feel encouraged and never think that we have left any stones unturned. Our substantial experience tells us most problems can be overcome by working synergistically with our clients. Our personal experiences provide perspective, but we recognize that every issue is unique to you. We are patient, always trustworthy of confidential information, and we never forget that our clients deserve the highest level of attention.

We are a unique group. It has often been said that we operate with an “old-fashioned” work ethic. You are not likely to see any of us prospecting for new clients on the golf course or at the local country club. We invest that time with our clients, no matter how long it takes. Any free time we share with our families.

Our services come with the highest-level attention, representing only your best interests. We do not accept incentives to offer or sell any of our services or products. We are structured to “sit on your side of the table.” All of this makes our role very different than a traditional financial advisor. Our obligation as your advocate forms the very foundation required to act as your trusted advisor.