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Fautores Family Offices

Fautores Welcome Letter


Thank you in advance for connecting with me and allowing me to introduce our firm, Fautores Family Offices, and our business services to you. We specialize in counseling family-owned and owner-managed businesses that seek to retain their family and corporate culture for generations to come.

Uniquely, we are not a product sale or an AUM (assets under management) directed firm. We offer those services when requested, as accommodation only. We have no minimum size business, assets under management, or net worth requirement. We offer our services to any stakeholder looking for unbiased advice that is measurable and effective so they can utilize their time more efficiently. We practice under a fiduciary standard. We do not accept any sales incentives. We are structured to “sit on our client’s side of the table.” There are not many firms in the U.S. that offer aligned hard side and soft side capabilities for family-owned and owner-managed businesses and privately-held organizations.

Our emphasis on making a complicated subject matter understandable and enjoyable is paramount to our success. We believe that you will find great value in what we have to offer. We can work with the client’s present advisors. It is not uncommon for other professionals in related businesses to seek our counsel. Our fees have never been an obstacle to helping a good client.

For those who own their family enterprise or partner, we offer:

  • Business Succession Planning – keeping the culture for 100 years!
  • Organizational Assessments administered by our Organizational Psychologist partners.
  • Marital and substance addiction counseling by our licensed therapists.
  • Trust services through National Advisors Trust (NATCO) they will serve as co-trustee or agent for trustee and trust bank resource for law firms or merely a private trust administration back office.
  • Wealth Management counsel.
  • Eldercare and service vendor management in Florida.
  • Fautores Property & Casualty Analyses and claim settlement advisory.
  • Comprehensive Estate Planning Assessment.
  • Concierge Family Office Services (minimums do apply for these services).

Our senior associate directors senior level and well noted in their fields! Fautores Senior Associate Directors include:

  • Industrial-Organizational Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist Ph.D., both with extensive private, public, and non-profit entity expertise.
  • HR and Certified Succession Planner, CSP® advisory with extensive public, private, non-profit experience.
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LMFT and Licensed Mental Health, LMHC counselor
  • CFO level CPA Advisory
  • CFP®, Certified Financial Planner Certificants™, AIF®, AIFA® Accredited Investment Fiduciaries & Analyst®, and Certified Succession Planner® designees

            For further information about our associates and some client listing, please feel free to visit our website at Click on Meet the Team.

When discussing synergies with complimentary advisors, we are often asked what type of client would be our “sweet spot.” These would be the traits: family businesses that exhibit great pride in their product or service; that place very high regard on their employee and vendor relationships; that believe in localization; that have no desire to be a publicly traded entity and would like to continue their culture for 100 years; and that often have employee buy-in and jointly support give back programs to those less fortunate.


Often, we find companies that exhibit these traits progress from the “garage” into great institutions and, at some point going public, might be the best financial option to continue sustainable growth. Although we do not represent them, Costco, Chobani, LLC, and Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales are all great examples.  Companies of this nature demonstrate how much good they can do by selling an uncommonly good product.

I want to leave you with one last thought. We do not speak from a technical pedestal only. Most of us have owned businesses privately, and we have turned around many others. We have succeeded, we have failed, and we have survived personal and business tragedy. We reflect on our experiences and intellectual capital in our counsel. Please click on the following link for some client testimonials

Against conventional wisdom and statistics, many family businesses or closely held organizations can last for generations to come. If this is important to you, we offer our skills, our experience, our system, and wisdom to help family businesses attain a sustainable and transient competitive advantage.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at our office. Our phone number is 407-492-5016. All conversations are private and confidential.



Michael L. Chindamo,

Fautores Founding Member