ENOUGH! The Future of Children

Have you had enough? Have you had enough of the minds of kids being systematically polluted so their “financial futures” are basically D.O.A by the age of 7? For better or worse, financial attitudes and habits start early. How early? … Continue reading

Are you Risking More Than You Can Afford to Lose?

There’s another new word to concern ourselves with. Fracking, short for hydrofracking has tap water bursting into flames, basements exploding and walls shaking from tremors. This has brought to the forefront questions about the kinds of impact hydrofracking may have … Continue reading

Power & Love: Opposing Dynamics in Families?

“In order to address our toughest challenges, we must indeed connect, but this is not enough:we must also grow.” – Adam Kahane Power. Love. What comes to mind when you read those words? I recently co-facilitated a conference breakout session … Continue reading

The Ultimate Crumb Cake

A BUSINESS SUCCESSION STORY WE CAN ALL RELATE TO The importance of a family owned business is more than the business itself. A true story about what can happen to the original culture and product line or services created by … Continue reading

How to Make Difficult Decisions When Faced With Adversity

…if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Separating problem analyses from decision making is a starting point. Making sound decisions based on facts, not emotion. Avoiding cognitive bias behaviors. Click here to open.

Fautores Family Office Deliverable

This sample case study addresses what could be some of the problems experienced by family-owned and owner managed business (FOMB) partners. A FOMB will normally have partner and family issues that overlap. This case study will address some family, family … Continue reading