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National Advisors Trust, FSB

With over 7.5 billion in assets under custody, National Advisors Trust (NATCO) was originally founded by independent, innovative financial advisory firms to serve their clients. There are 131 partners and growing, that collectively manage more than 160 billion dollars. In addition to this, NATCO’s trust administration services are available to its partner RIAs on the Fidelity, TD Ameritrade and Schwab platforms.

National Advisors Trust (NATC) powers the success of Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) with profit-enhancing, conflict-free trust and custody services that promote business growth and strengthen advisors’ client relationships.

NATC, the largest independent trust company in the U.S. owned by RIAs, was founded on the belief that in order for RIAs to grow a successful business, strengthen relationships with clients, and improve profitability, advisors need conflict-free, comprehensive and flexible trust and custody services. The company provides advisors with the industry’s most advisor-friendly services and solutions for growing their business and enhancing relationships with high net worth clients.

Trust services are provided in every state; allowing advisors access to a nationwide choice of tax favored trust sites, modern trust statutes, and customized trust administration.

Additionally, NATC’s sister company, National Advisors Trust of South Dakota, provides RIAs with expanded trust services for high net worth clients who wish to take advantage of South Dakota’s unique trust jurisdiction opportunities for protecting and preserving wealth.

NATC’s world class service is distinguished by highly responsive and customized services to meet the unique demands of advisors’ clients, and strengthen advisors’ multi-generational client relationships. A multi-custodial technology platform, advisor support networks, and RIA-specific business tools further support advisors’ unique needs. With NATC’s solutions and practice management services, advisors are able to focus their time on building and maintaining relationships with clients, while NATC works in the background to deliver technology, services, programs and administrative support.

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Why Use National Advisors Trust as an Asset Custodian Instead of a Brokerage House?

  • National Advisors Trust does not lend your client’s securities.
  • National Advisors Trust holds its assets in nominee name or in the direct name of the client account.
  • National Advisors Trust settles most trades placed through broker/dealers on a cash verses delivery (dvp) basis.
  • National Advisors Trust is closely monitored and regulated.

Why Use A Corporate Trustee?

  • Experience
  • Regulation
  • Reliable Professional Service
  • Objectivity
  • Advice and Referrals
  • Peace of Mind
  • Tax Management
  • Family Unity

Why Use National Advisors Trust vs. Local Bank/Trust Company?

  • Federally-chartered doing business in all 50 states
  • “Trust-Only” Institution. Our sole business is administration and custody.
  • No manufacturing of proprietary products
  • Our business model is to work closely with a client’s trusted advisors.
  • National Advisors Trust can be very flexible regarding the kinds of assets it will accept.
  • The designated investment advisor, along with the client’s attorney and accountant are the “quarterbacks” of the client relationship.
  • Our fees are very competitive.
  • National Advisors Trust is regulated by both the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (“OCC”) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (F.D.I.C.).
  • Provides the ability for clients to continue to use the services of their investment advisor, attorney or accountant without any changes in long-standing relationships.
  • “User Friendly” and well managed